Dreamtime - live at Digital Holdings Empire

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Shot by Global Faction and Spelt Productions.

We're back[!] after a 3 yr pause following the release of Democide.

During that time, we worked on 3 studio recordings for the band and wrote and directed a video shoot for one of the tracks, but we really wanted to reach out to our fans before we released the new material as we've been away for some, so just before Christmas 2017, Tripple AKA Blackk Chronicles, the emcee, had the idea of us going into a studio with an infinity wall and recording 3 live performances with a stark, monochrome visual as a way of announcing our return and re-engaging with our fans.

Dreamtime is the first of these three performances.

We plan to release the other 2 performances in the coming months ahead of releasing the first of 3 studio records with an accompanying video entitled Driver.

democide-17 [remix/master] out now

The Fremen - interview with Quality Control

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#UrbanRock | #BlackRock | #AfroPunk | #BlackSexWhiteDrugs
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The Fremen - interview with Quality Control