democide-17 [remix/master]: what was said


We released this the original Democide in 2015 in support of the Undercroft skatepark in Southbank, south London which at the time was under threat of "redevelopment".

Originally, we didn't write the song for that campaign at all - it was a bit deeper and darker than that, but it was cool because we really believed in the Undercroft cause, so it felt right.

The video was shot on location at the Undercroft, described by Crave Online as a "naturally fitting setting for the band's high-octane grit", and features footage provided by legendary UK skate videographer, Henry Edwards-Wood.

Watch the full video:

At the time, we never imagined the global events that would follow.

Democede feels more relevant now than it ever did.

We saw fit to remix and re-release this piece of work.

democide-17 [remix/master] out now

The Fremen - interview with Quality Control

Check out some of the things that were said of the original Democide:

"There’s a cultural and musical revolution brewing. An alliance has formed in the shape of a group insistent on ignoring creatively restrictive boundaries, seamlessly crossing genres and desperately avoiding being categorised. The Fremen are readying themselves for an all out assault on what you think you know about grime, hip hop, grunge and metal." - ALTSounds

"Rock and rap is a formula that has been tied many time before and only to be championed by a few, namely Rage Against the Machine. With everyone else sounding like a Limp Bizkit cover band, it's refreshing to hear another band that does it properly." - HalfPastCalm

This might be our favourite one ... "Fremen are an unusual mix of laid-back rap and proper instruments and it took me a while to get into the songs I heard. Democide is one of the better ones, and I suggest you give it a chance." - Moshville Times Moshville Times

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The Fremen - interview with Quality Control